August 07, 2013

My First Foray into French Manicures

Hi Everyone!

On a quick trip through TK Maxx, I spotted the ‘La petit french’ manicure set by Orly and couldn’t resist! It has almost everything you’ll need to get the perfect French mani: a 2-in-1 base and top coat, soft pink, a nude and an opaque white for the tips. 

After first coat, from left: Bonder, Je t'aime, Sheer Nude, White Out.

The 2-in-1 base and top coat has to be the star of this beauty: the concept behind this is that you paint it on as a base coat, but the nail polish on top sticks to it, meaning no need for a top coat! :O If only it worked *sigh*. It works great as a base coat, goes on smoothly and protects the nails, but with no top coat, it’s chips galore within a couple of days. The soft pink, though, is beautiful. Not too cool toned, but a nice neutral that gives a soft shine to the nail. The nude is a soft, natural colour and also my favourite out of this set, whilst the white is wonderfully opaque, but be careful: it can go on streaky.

As far as my first foray into the French manicure goes, I’m glad I tried this set, and at £7 it was good value to try out four polishes from a well known brand. Would I it buy again? Probably not. Mostly because I wasn’t particularly impressed by two out of the four products. Although, at that price, it may just be worth it for such beautiful nude and pink shades.

Do you have any favourite nail sets or nail polishes I should check out?


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