October 02, 2013

DIY French Manicure Nail Tip Guides

Hey Everyone!

 Comparison between traditional Nail tip guides (left) and Hole reinforcement stickers (right)

Don't you just hate it when you start running out of nail tip guides for your french manicure? Well, I've got a simple and quick solution for you all today: hole reinforcement stickers! To be more specific, these are the stickers that you can buy by the hundreds to reinforce the ready punched holes in pages you may be filing in ring binders. The machine-cut uniform curved edge means these work perfectly to give you a precise, round guide without having to worry about any variation between nails. Also, since they are sticky, but not overly so, you can easily stick them on and peel off as required. I bought the above pack of 300 pieces for 50p from Asda, and you can cut each piece into half to give one semi-circular nail guide per nail. No more rationing nail guides for me!

Do you have any quick, simple beauty tricks up your sleeve? Leave me a comment down below to let me know,

Anki <3

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